Opening Day Lunch

The Opening Day Lunch on Sunday was thoroughly enjoyed by the large numbers of members who attended in fine sunshine.

Many thanks to Kerry, who managed to cater for us all with a delicious lunch, even though the numbers were rather more than we anticipated!

Here is Roise McSorley’s fine poem, for which she won a prize from the Commodore.

The summer cruise

‘Whoosh’, goes the waves against our boat,

I finally realise we are afloat,

I need to get up to find my coat.

‘Flap’, goes the sails in the breeze,

We are once again on the high seas,

I must wrap up before I freeze.

‘Creek’, goes the tiller as we set our course,

I better stop shouting before I am hoarse,

The whining wind is like a wild horse.

‘Poop’, is the sound of the fog horn,

In the mist of the early morn,

I really wish I was home and warm!

By Roise McSorley.

Rathmullan Sailing and Watersports Club membership offer

Rathmullan Sailing and Watersports Club has now introduced an Associate Membership category for full members of Lough Swilly Yacht Club at 50% discount. This offer will also be available to full members of other clubs. Lough Swilly Yacht Club already has this class of membership in place for members of Rathmullan SWC who may wish to join LSYC.

LSYC members wishing to take advantage of this offer should contact Rathmullan SWC directly.