Notice of EGM – Monday 11th December at 7.30pm

An EGM will take place on Monday 11th December, at 7.30pm to vote on an offer received by Harcourt Developments as detailed below:
To consider and decide upon an offer in principle from Harcourt Developments to construct a new clubhouse and grounds for Lough Swilly Yacht Club on club lands at Rinnaraw Point, Fahan, in exchange for our current clubhouse and all our lands and buildings outside of the proposed new clubhouse and grounds at Rinnaraw Point, Fahan. Details of the lands and buildings in question will be presented at AGM on 4th December and will also be displayed on the evening.
Should Lough Swilly Yacht Club decide to accept this offer in principle, a Heads of Agreement with Harcourt Developments will be drawn up to protect the club’s interest. The Heads of Agreement will include that Harcourt Developments will cover all professional, construction and other costs, and that no exchange will take place if the proposed new clubhouse and grounds fails to secure planning permission or other statutory approvals. Furthermore, the Heads of Agreement will state that Lough Swilly Yacht Club will vacate its current clubhouse and lands, only after completion and commissioning of the new clubhouse and grounds.
In addition, should Lough Swilly Yacht Club decide to accept this offer in principle, Lough Swilly Yacht Club will, in due course, enter into legally binding contracts to give effect to the offer in principle and reflect the terms laid out in the Heads of Agreement”
Any full adult members, family members and spouses and life members of LSYC are entitled to attend the EGM and vote on the motion.
Eoghan Ó Gráda Honorary Secretary

Diner Dance

Could those who haven’t confirmed attendance for our annual diner dance and prizegiving next Friday night in the gateway please confirm over the weekend please as the hotel are looking for confirmed numbers🙂
I’ll be at the marina before and after the racing this weekend if anyone wants to grab tickets or contact me on 0860819415.