RNLI Lifeboat Collection

The total donation from the LSYC Dinner Dance collection envelopes is a very healthy € 1006.64

Lough Swilly RNLI are very appreciative of this donation and wish to thank your members sincerely for all their help and support

Best Rgds

John McCarter

Amendments to the Racing Regulations – the One Yacht Race

To all competitors,

Following feedback from members, and a discussion at our October Committee meeting, it was decided to amend Clause A5 of the LSYC General Racing Regulations for all racing from 1st October onwards to allow a one yacht race.

In such a case, the competing yacht will score 2 points, and the remaining yachts in the series will score points for DNC (Did Not Compete).

This amendment to Clause A5 will appear in the club handbook next year.

Class 1 will be scored using IRC handicaps for the Autumn Series and Hot Toddy Series, and a decision on scoring systems for 2012 will be made following feedback from racing skippers.

Your views on Club Handicaps

Dear Skippers & First Mates,This year we introduced a club handicap system for series races and the committee would appreciate your feedback on it. There was a view about that the IRC system, although regarded as the fairest and most independent system, was not working in Lough Swilly. As an alternative, and with the aim of encouraging competition and participation, the committee introduced a performance based handicap system. Handicaps were set according to previous performance of individual boats and their crews. Additional points were added according to number of wins during the 2010 season. The Club Handicaps were adjusted in mid-season at the end of June based on the performance up to that date. Club handicaps were applied to both fleets for series races, while IRC handicaps aplied to one-off & open events.
The sailing committee would appreciate your views on the success or otherwise of this system. Please reply to the following questions. Any additional comments will be welcome. Please send your reply to paul@mcsorleyp.wanadoo.co.uk

1) Which fleet do you sail in? IRC or Club

2) Would you like to see Club handicap system continued for SERIES racing next year? Yes or No (return to Club & IRC fleets)

3) Would you like to see Club Handicaps extended to One-off & Open Events?
Yes – all events
Yes – Some events – specify

4) Any further comments

Paul McSorley
On behalf of Sailing Committee