Swilly Swim – 28th Aug

The Swilly swimmers group are doing their charity swim from Rathmullan to Buncrana on the 28th of August. The plan will be to get the ferry to Rathmullan and swim back with the tide.

Looking like leaving Rathmullan around 1100 and should be all back across by 1300 ish.

If you are interested in helping out with a boat, jetski or kayaks please contact  Joe Maloney or Colin McBrearty and let them know how you can help.

It’s entirely voluntary.

Fuel is covered for any powered boats and the ferry across (or back) is covered for kayakers .

And of course plenty of tea and cake …


Lough Swilly Worlds 2021

We have finally reached that time of year.  Bank Holiday weekend which means the annual regattas.
The schedule will be similar to other years with 2 or 3 Olympic style races on each day. 
On Saturday 31st we will have the Fahan regatta when the racing will begin at 10am in the vacinity of SaltPans. The OD will announce the course on Channel 06 prior to the start of the race.
On Sunday 1st we will have the Buncrana Regatta with racing due to commence at 11am iin the vacinity of Inch Spit.  The OD will call the course over Channel 6 prior to the start of the race.
On Monday 2nd August we will have the Rathmullan Regatta with the racing due to start at 12 noon at Rathmullan Pier.  The OD will call the course prior to the commencement of racing on Channel 06.
Hopefully the weather will oblige with wind and it stays dry throughout. 
The skippers meeting will be held at 9.30 at the Clubhouse where instructions will be distributed  and the race fee collected. 
Looking forward to seeing you all on the water over the weekend and not in it! 

Round the Island

The Round the Island race will start tomorrow at 5:30pm. Wind is forecast to be light so for now the race will start at Spit. This way we can get to the back of the island and round to the finish line at Fahan before the turn of the tide. So we should leave the marina no later than 5 so be at the start line for 5:30pm.
A YELLOW mark has been laid at the rear of the island on the approaches to the Swilly estuary, GPS coordinates, 55 03.214N 7 32.482W. Be aware the are white pot markers North and East of the yellow club marker.


Melmore Rally 10th July

Tomorrow is the Melmore Rally. The event is due to start at 9am. If all those who are going to participate can assemble at the start line at 9:30am and then proceed to Spit for a 10am start. Peter can coordinate the race start when boats have assembled.

The Boardwalk has been booked for dining tomorrow night. Anyone who is looking to avail of this opportunity should contact Sammy to let him know as soon as possible to finalise numbers.

Good luck all and enjoy !