Railway Tavern Regatta – 4th Sep

Tomorrow is the Railway Tavern Regatta.  The intention is to run 2 races back to back.  Racing is due to start at 3pm.  It is essential that we get started close to 3.30 with the forecast being light and we want to get 2 races in.  The second race will follow straight after the first.  Might be super style.  More details tomorrow..
Post racing we will head into the Tavern for food at approx 6:30. 


Portsalon Pint & Quart – Sun 29th

The race for Sun will start at 10am at the start line in Fahan.  The course will round Swillymore to port and then finish at Portsalon.  The finish line will be a transit with the line of the pier and no more than 50 metres from the end of the pier.
This will be a pursuit race as normal.  Gerry Fearon will organise the timings according to a boats handicap.
If you can please confirm your participation on Sunday by email or by text message to me and I will pass on the numbers to Gerry.


Swilly Swim – 28th Aug

The Swilly swimmers group are doing their charity swim from Rathmullan to Buncrana on the 28th of August. The plan will be to get the ferry to Rathmullan and swim back with the tide.

Looking like leaving Rathmullan around 1100 and should be all back across by 1300 ish.

If you are interested in helping out with a boat, jetski or kayaks please contact  Joe Maloney or Colin McBrearty and let them know how you can help.

It’s entirely voluntary.

Fuel is covered for any powered boats and the ferry across (or back) is covered for kayakers .

And of course plenty of tea and cake …