Melmore Rally and Commodore’s Inspection

The Melmore Rally takes place this weekend, and as has been tradition for many years, the Commodore shall make his inspection! I have consulted a number of past commodores in the last few days and amassed an interesting checklist. I look forward to conducting my enquiries in an orderly fashion and expect all Skippers and First Mates to allow me the freedom to dig into whatever nook and cranny I deem necessary.

Skippers and First Mates will also be required to answer a number of questions, and where appropriate, take instruction from their Commodore. To help put you at ease however, a few tips in advance:

  • Ensure the toilet is serviced when used. Some first impressions last!
  • Skipper and First Mate should be presentable. Slurred speech, waywardness on foot and general awkwardness will be penalized.
  • Bad language will be considered in its context..but if in doubt, leave it out.
  • Offer the Commodore a seat. Don’t have me loitering in the gangway!
  • Bonus points for party pieces [time LSYC got into the City of Culture spirit].

Now while the inspection is by no mean a food and drink event, its probably just as well to let you know that the Commodore prefers iced cold beer, carrot cake, caramel squares and expensive whiskey. Hot food is also well favoured.

As the Commodore’s boat will not be making this trip, I am being driven to Melmore by land. I will therefore require pick up in Melmore. If anyone is therefore travelling with a tender and can come ashore, then let me know. In the meantime, continue with your preparations.

Paul J Hasson Commodore

Ps good luck to the LSYC crack team competing in the Dun Laoghraie Championships this weekend. I noticed a few vodka bottles in the luggage bags…elite sportsmen!!