Annual Prizegiving 5th Nov ’21

Hi all,
Confirmation of date for Annual Prizegiving is Friday 5th November in An Granian Hotel, Burt.
Re :Entertainment,  Restrictions at the meantime allow for live music with a finish time of 12:30 (00:30 hours) unless restrictions are amended after 22nd October.

See the seat allocation request form here.

Email & Mobile phone number plus the number and Names of those who will be attending need to be completed.

Proposal for the Evening
Order for the Evening:   
Commodore reception at 7:30 pm,
People seated  at  8:00 pm 
Brief Introductory/ Welcome Speech
Meal should be finished by 9:30 or there abouts, with Awards ceremony to follow,  (time schedule) hour and a half would take us to 11:00pm, 
Limited Dance time to follow. (Proposal provisional subject to advice and amendments)

We also invite submissions for Gollan Cup.  Best cruising log.  Considering some of you have managed some epic journeys to the Med and the Western Isles of Scotland in the last number of weeks and months then there should be plenty to write about…

We also invite nominations for the Mairead Trophy.  This is awarded for seamanship.  any club member can nominate any other member for their outstanding seamanship in a particular event or occasion, or their attitude towards seamanship throughout the season, or the encouragement of of good seamanship in others throughout the season.  Please write you nomination email to Leonard or any committee member.

Please submit your cruising log or Mairead Trophy nomination  before 30th October… No pressure!

Regards, Your Commodore
Leonard Wilson