Race Declarations 2021

Over the last number of weeks we have been training for the start of the season proper.
One last note now to complete the training, race declarations.
From 7th June, I need a race declaration form completed and either handed to me at the marina or emailed.  You may fill out the paper form and scan it or take a photo of if and send to me or fill out the PDF form and email this.  If any monies are due then these can be collected at the next available opportunity.
Note, as the form states, Points will only be awarded on submission of the form.
There will be a 3 hour window from the end of the race for submission of the form.  If you need more time than this then you may contact me and request this otherwise I will take no communication as a retirement from the race and score it as such.
The direct link for the form is here. Or alternatively download from the website by clicking on the Racing page in the dropdown list and clicking on the link to the form.

Also note, from May 31st only boats with a valid IRC certificate may enter a race. (IRC rule 8.12).  Boats turning up on the start line must first have presented the Sailing Secretary with a valid certificate.  Failing to do so will mean a boat cannot race and should not participate in a starting sequence and must not interfere with boats who have arrived at the starting line to complete.