Handicaps 2021

Some of you have received your reminder to renew your VPRS cert for the incoming season.
As stated in earlier emails, we tried the VPRS system so we could merge fleets if necessary.  This was not the success that we thought it would be.
For the incoming season, hopefully April, or soon thereafter I am reverting back to a Club and IRC handicap system.  Club fleet will revert to the handicaps that were used last and published in the club website (2019).
The IRC fleet should apply for their IRC cert and present this to me upon resumption of competitive sailing.

Any issue please let me know.

NOTE: Please vote for your sailor of the year on the Afloat website. By the way, this IS Garry Crothers…just saying..


Sailing Secretary 2021

Please Stay Safe on and off the water!
Wear a Mask, Wash your Hands and Keep your Distance!