Covid related Programme Changes

Due to changes in Covid restrictions in both Derry and Donegal we have had to curtail our sailing programme for the next few weeks at least. We have been advised by the ISA that we cannot organise any racing. We can continue to train while observing social distancing and stay within a social bubble. Crews should preferably be from the same household.
Until the HSE and HSC change the guidelines we should not gather in any social groups either indoor or outdoor.

If we train then ALL participants must observe social distancing, use a face covering and use of hand sanitiser is a must.

It is the responsibility of all skippers to keep a contact tracing log for every day they have crew out on the water.

Where possible the use of a contact tracing app is advisable.

We are all responsible for each others health and safety.

Stay safe.

No further racing until further notice.
Training can continue within a social bubble, use contact tracing, use of a face covering and sanitiser.