Handicaps / Racing 2020


As this year has progressed quite a bit without having fluttered a sail in the wind in earnest we have decided that, for this years IRC handicaps we will use last years IRC certificates.  IF anyone has purchased any new sails or Santa has decided they have been very good and given them some new sails you may wish to apply for a new cert but it is not mandatory.  If you haven’t applied for and received an IRC cert then do not apply for one.  For the Club handicaps we may make an adjustment to the numbers based on the results for 2019.

We hope to return to the water in the very near future.  A provisional schedule will be published in the club website under the 2020 racing calendar.  If we get notification from the Health Minister and the ISA then there may be an early start to the calendar.  In the unlikely event that this happens then I will publish details on line, adding dates as appropriate.

In any event we will apply social distancing in so far as is necessary.  Safety is our priority but I hope that we can still see some sails hoisted in the next few weeks.

I hope to see you all on the water in the very near future.  In the meantime stay safe.