Covid-19 update

Since we left the water last December it has been a time of great turmoil in the world generally. First we had Brexit and how this would impact us as border community. That conversation has well and truly disappeared into the abyss that Covid-19 has become. For most of us work to boats has not been possible. For others there has been an opportunity to get most if not all work completed.
Following consultation with ISA and in keeping with government guidelines the possibility of getting on the water could come soon. Current guidelines post 18th May would allow a boat to be returned to its home port as long as this is done with a solo helm or with a crew who live in the same household. On or about 8th June there may be the possibility of sailing either as a solo sailor or with crew who all live in the same household. On or about 20th July we could see a return to racing.
NOTE: This is all highly speculative at the moment. As this is a crucial time in the development of a plan to move away from social isolation and enable some form of social interaction we need to listen to the experts and follow guidelines.
As more details are available we can plan some form of racing but until then we can only hope and pray for a safe return of members to the club and onto the water.

Yours in sailing