Club Handicap system.

Over the last number of years we have relied heavily on the sailing secretary to create and make adjustments to the handicaps in the Club fleet.
The creation of the handicap and subsequent adjustments have been, for the most part, a reflection of the boat and crew as a unit.
If one part of the unit failed to perform the handicap was adjusted to the point where the TCF value was reflected in corrected times.
This is great when the crew was learning a new boat or the crew changed, when sails were coming to end of life, you had a few bad runs on the water etc.
This coming year we may introduce a system similar to IRC called VPRS.
VPRS will provide a handicap based on the boat. Sail condition, propeller type (fixed, folding) etc will also be reflected in the handicap. For instance all SunFast 37 will start with the same base handicap. Sail type, Sail measurements, propeller type, etc will determine the variation on this figure.
The emphasis on performance is then shifted to the boat handling. has further information on their website. There is also a link to the certificates for some of the boats registered with VPRS. To view these click into the clubs links.
We hope that this will be raised at the AGM for further discussion, but in the meantime most questions are answered on the website.