Rathmullan Regatta Results 4th August 2019.

1st Japanphur II
2nd Wardance

1st Firsty
2nd Ladyhawk
3rd L’ Escargot

1st KC
2nd Derry Air

Folk boat
1st Windy Witch
2nd Lara

Thank you to all the weekends participants, weather was much as usual for an Irish summer, everything thrown in.
Thanks also goes to the Officers and crew of L.E. Ciara for the use of their bridge for the committee vessel and also the use of a number of her crew who volunteered for crewing duties for some of the sailing yachts yesterday.
Thanks to Wardance and TicTac for venturing into the lough for the weekend.
And again great to see the two classic Folk Boats on the water yesterday with at least one having been competing in their 51st annual regatta without missing a year.
Thanks go to the committee members and club officers who helped to make this another memorable year.