Instructions to Skippers – Annual Parade of Boats – 185th Rathmullan Regatta

185th Rathmullan Regatta – 6th August 2018

Annual Parade of Boats – 16.00 hrs

Instructions to Skippers

All boat owners, skippers and sailors are invited to participate in the Annual Parade of Boats at the 185th Rathmullan Regatta on the 6th August at 16.00 hrs from the Kinnegar Buoy to South of the Pier Head, organised by Rathmullan Sailing and Watersports Club. The instructions are as follows: –

1400-1800 – Berthing Master on duty at the Pontoon to control and maximise berthing spaces. Please follow berthing instructions. Water Taxi available, for vessels wishing to moor or anchor. Call on Channel 72

15.45 – Vessels assemble North of the Kinnegar Buoy for commencement of Parade at 16.00 hrs.

– Lead vessels will be advised on the day. All vessels should listen on

Channel 72 or call: 086 440 5740 for information.

– Vessels should leave the Kinnegar Buoy to port, steering 210 degrees compass to a 2.5 metre depth off Rathmullan House, and follow the 2.5 metre contour along the shore at a speed of 5 knots.

Vessels to follow in line, 2 abreast, keeping a close formation.

– The course is inshore of both mussel-rope special yellow buoys and all boat moorings, before turning to port at the Pier, in line with the Coastguard Station and proceeding around the Pier Head where a band will be playing.

16.30 – A special yellow buoy will be in position between the end of the Pontoon and Battery where vessels will assemble for the ‘sounding of horns’ and ‘ringing of bells’ at 16.30 hrs.

– Order of parade as follows:

1. RNLI, Coastguard, Defence Force and other agency vessels

2. Wooden, Fishing, Commercial and Charter vessels

3. Motor Boats, Cabin Cruisers, Ribs, Speedboats and Jet Skies

4. All Sailing Vessels, Keel Boats and Yachts

5. Dinghies, Kayaks and Paddleboards to join enroute

17.00 – After berthing, all skippers and crew are invited for refreshments in the RSWC marquee at the Sailing

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