Handicaps ’18

Class Handicaps

Handicaps will be posted on this web-site and on the club notice board at the start of the season and after any adjustment.

White Sail Handicaps

The circumstances where a White Sail, No-Spinnaker handicap can be applied are:

At the outset of a race series where the skipper declares to the Sailing Secretary in advance that he will sail the entire series without a spinnaker.

When a White Sail Fleet is planned and announced in advance. Boats electing to sail in this fleet should declare to the OD in advance on the day.

The events where White Sail fleets are planned are

1) Fahan, Rathmullan, Buncrana regattas,

2) Melmore Rally

3) Portsalon Pint and Quart.

In the event that a White Sail fleet is intended but there are not three or more boats taking part, then a boat which has declared White Sails will sail in Club fleet with a No-Spinnaker Handicap.

Ratings – 2018 ratings


Yacht – IRC Class 1 2017 IRC Rating 2018 IRC Rating
Faustina X 1.065
Japanphur Two 0.991 0.986
Hi Spirit 0.983
Niamh 0.971  0.974
Vivace 0.972 0.972
Chilli Padi 0.967  0.973
Drama Queen 0.937
Zutsy 0.935 0.935
Wishful Thinking 0.908 0.907
Derry Air
Mako 0.911  0.908

Boats sailing in the IRC Class without a current IRC certificate for 2018 will have .010 added to their 2017 handicap for all those races taking place before receipt of a 2018 certificate.

Current year IRC certificates MUST be received by 31 July, or results will be declared void.

Please note that it will not be possible to race in the Regatta series without a current IRC certificate.

Yacht – Club Class 2 2017 Handicap 2018 Handicap July 2018
Panache 0.930 0.930
J’Aimee 0.890 0.890
Cloudy Bay 0.890 0.890
Boomerang 0.880 0.875
Viking Lord 0.876 0.850
Drummond 0.855 0.840
In a Rush 0.840
Ladyhawk 0.850 0.850 0.840
Wild Cat 0.838 0.838
Firsty 0.835 0.840
Mountain Mist 0.830 0.830
Image 0.820
Cruisin 0.870
L’Escargot 0.820 0.825
Moriah 0.820 0.820
Panacea 1.000
Royal Flush 0.810 0.810
Windy Witch 0.799 0.799
Lara 0.799 0.799

Boats sailing in Club Class may have their handicaps adjusted during the season at the discretion of the Sailing Committee.