Visitors to LSYC in 2016

Lough Swilly Yacht Club extends a very warm welcome to all visitors who have raced with us this season, and hope you have enjoyed your experience afloat. We hope that many of you will get the sailing bug, join the club, and join in the fun.

So far we have been delighted to welcome the following visitors:

* Membership applications received

Visitor Date Event Yacht Visit No
Gerry Kenny12 Nov 16Hot Toddie 3Mountain Mist1
Ben Khavia10 Sep 16Autumn 2Firsty1
Dan Little10 Sep 16Autumn 2Firsty1
Roseann McGlinchey01 Sep 16Autumn 1Niamh2
Tommy McGlinchey27 Aug 16Creek 8Interceptor2
Roseann McGlinchey28 Aug 16Creek 8Niamh1
Mark McCrory03 Jul 16Round the IslandDesperado1
Tommy McGlinchey03 Jul 16Round the IslandDesperado1
Michael Frazer21 Jul 16Phoenix 6Mountain Mist1
Tormed van Reissen07 Jul 16Phoenix 5Cloudy Bay3
Tormed van Reissen22 May 16Phoenix 4Cloudy Bay2
# Chris Hutchinson21 Jun 16Phoenix 4Niamh6
Seamus Perry21 Jun 16Phoenix 4Firsty1
# Chris Hutchinson18 Jun 16Tory RaceNiamh5
# Chris Hutchinson09 Jun 16Phoenix 3Niamh4
# Chris Hutchinson07 Jun 16Fairley 3Niamh3
# Chris Hutchinson26 May 16Phoenix 2Niamh2
Susan Heaney22 May 16Creek 2Cloudy Bay1
Tormed van Reissen22 May 16Creek 2Cloudy Bay1
Raymond Heney22 May 16Creek 2Cloudy Bay1
Brian Desmond22 May 16Creek 2Cloudy Bay1
# Chris Hutchinson10 May 16Fairley 1Niamh1
Billy Forrely10 May 16Fairley 1Mountain Mist1