LSYC Roles  - how the club is run

It takes a lot of work to keep our club running, and most of this is by volunteers.

Would you be able to take on one of these roles and help share the load?
If so, contact any committee member, who will be delighted to speak to you!

You can choose whether or not to join the committee, but your practical help in any of these roles will always be appreciated.

Point to any role below to see a summary of what is involved:

Officers,  Committee posts and other roles
Commodore General Committee PR Officer
Vice Commodore Past Commodore Social Secretary
Rear Commodore Sailing Committee Results Admin
Sailing Secretary Officer of the Day Junior_Sailing Liaison
House_&_Grounds Convenor House_&_Grounds Commitee Sailing_School Organiser
Caravan Liaison Website Admin Handbook Admin
Hon Secretary Membership Admin Merchandising Manager
Hon Treasurer Bar Manager Trophy Manager